Viji Weerasinghe our honorable old boy, teacher and an Icon of Royal College bid  farewell to this world on October 31st after four decades of service to the school as a student, teacher, old-boy and a good deputy principal in the history of Royal college.

I personally experienced  his kindness when I was at year 6. That day our school van didn’t show up for about two hours after the bell and we (me and my friend Sutharshan) didn’t have any money to get the bus to Negombo.

I took the courage to walk up to the primary school office to talk to the Deputy principal (Viji Sir- 1993) inorder to ask for money.

At that time he was having a chat with Corey sir and smoking his cigarette. When he saw me he pushed the cigarette into the ash tray and asked in a deep voice, “Why you are still here?”

Then in my broken Sinhala I explained him about our situation and asked for help. He offered me a 50 rupee note and asked me to bring it back the next day(It was a Friday), and I returned it to him on the following Monday.

From that day onwards I have never missed an opportunity to wish him.

His loss leaves a void space which cannot be filled by anyone else in the history of Royal college.

Farewell to you sir “Viji Weerasinghe”