I was given this laptop to do my reearch work from LA. This is a good machine and had few drawbacks compared to newer ones. It is a PIII Compaq presario, which helped a lot in my work. I still love this machine for it was with me all along the year at my work. Unfortunately due to the unfriendly public transport system and high amt of travelling from Negombo to Colombo and back to Negombo again it took some chronic heavy blows even when it is packed in a good Laptop bag. As a result the power adaptor was not working properly. Our outsourced Technician had chances to repair it two times and coulndn’t succeed properly in both times but got his payment in fullamount.:( Then it was upto me to adjust the wire and keep few stuffs(books) to keep it align with the adaptor and to keep the machine functioning atleast for few hours. Then again another blow. This time it is from the batterry which is not charging due to the same problem in the power adaptor. So my work riks increased that if I didn’t save a work and someon shakes my table the whole thing go blank. I mean the machine go off and thats it. Then came another blow. This time it is internel. Since I have already developed severe psoriasis my skin particles(dust) got into the machine and the protein thirst ants started travelling in to my Laptop. When my team at office started to help me by reducing the workload to near zero I thought it is time to give up things and rest and regenerate before a big leap because of depression. I was thining of leaving the Laptop at office before hibernating and wanted to test the newly arrived Ubuntu OS in the Laptop. Just after installing I realized that I have overidded the XP and lost all my data in the machine. I was terrified. I wanted to repair and restore all the data. I reached the Negombo office of NEAT lanka where they asked me to take it to Colombo office. I didn’t fear the amt they will ask but I wanted the machine to be restored and working properly before I handit over to the office. Wellawatta NEAT lanka people directed me to their 4th floor to Femcom for a better job. Yes I handed my machine over to them with lot of hope and returned home tepping out from the guilty conciousness. These things happened in february 2009. A lots of things happened in between but I was not willing to take the machine back from Femcom. The basic reason was that they initially asked Rs2500 for the repair and I couldn’t afford that in the begining. I was not asked for the machine back from office too. I didn’t forget but I didn’t have the heart to spend for it. Few weeks back I thought of bringing it home and I brought it two days before. When I was checking it before packing It didn’t work so I refused to pay them and they agreed. I took it without any cost. When I came home and started checing it upside down I saw that the RAM was not properly struck down the slot. I adjusted it and tried the machine. It started to work without any problem. But there came the Ubuntu not the XP I expected. They haven’t repaired the machine at all ???? And it asked me for a user name and a password which I don’t remember. I tried all of my uername and password combination which I can remember and it didn’t worked. Then I started to experiment around the Terminal startup (comand prompt). Few words were prompted next to the commad when I presed the arrow eys up and down. Then I realized these are the words I used as user name and paword….Hurray…..!!! Now I have the Laptop using in Ubuntu….. but I want it to be used for another six months at home. I am @ home and couldn’t show my face out due to the Homeopathic treatment which will cure this disease but worsen the condition very badly before it cure it in 6 months(praying). I hope this time the machine wont desert me soon. Bcos it is the only friend I have whom I know very well :).