remembering 2004 Tsunami victims has become a cultural event in our country on this day. Yes it brought immeasurable tragedy to our lives. Especially for the people living in north and east. Let us pray that the world must never see a similar incident again.

There are other silent causes for huge amount of deaths everyday which are rarely marketed on the media. Of course they are not mass deaths in one locality, but if you look at the world collectively as one single locality then the amount is huge. more than 86400 people die each day due to hunger.

Hunger and poor nutrition directly or indirectly cause 36 million deaths per year, which is more than 1 death each second on average. On average, a child under five dies every 5 seconds as a direct or indirect result of poor nutrition. This is 6 million children per year, more than half of all child deaths

Please feed a poor everyday.
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