The religion practiced by a majority of Indians is known as “Hindu” religion today, but the fact is that there is no name for this religion in India’s Sanskrit language, the language in which most of the literature of this religion – and astrology – appeared! Most other religions are known by the name of their main propagator, but India’s ancient religion had no single propagator or prophet. This religion consisted of knowledge that revealed itself to spiritual masters of many generations. So there was no name for this religion and the word “Hindu” coined by western invaders was accepted by the world. Hindu” is not a Sanskrit word. This word was later coined by the western invaders from the name of a river flowing on the northwestern border of India (river “Sindhu” or “Indus”). They used the word “Hindu” to describe the land and the people on the eastern side of this river. However, as already stressed, this word finds no place in Sanskrit literature.