To go with the flow is perhaps a special characteristic of Water-Bearers. That’s how you make things bankable in 2011, which looks set to be powerful and elevating for you, owing to much of the groundwork done by you in 2010. You are in the age of Aquarius – your time to shine and lead the world. At this very time you may come across your Eureka moment as you research, discover or invent something new. Learn a new language, and also put down your ideas for future use. Jupiter in your 4th House will support you. Stars are favourable when it comes to dealing in land, renovation or activities like gardening, farming etc. To deviate from work, creative indulgences like horticulture, Ike-Bana, divination can prove to be a welcome break. You may take up spirituality and religion a bit seriously – of course it will yield benefits. Saturn in your 9th House will be fruitful. Remember – changes are certain; adapt, accept and move on.