Crabs can expect to have a roaring start to the year when mighty Jupiter moves to their 10th House of confidence, work, business – basically zenith of solarscope! Your intelligence and quick-wit will let you soothe some ruffled feathers. The 5Ps of prestige, power, position, perks and pelf will work as strong pillars for you in 2011. Financially, you will be well-off; in fact you’ll do too well with Jupiter’s help. Investments, real estate deals and joint finances shall bring in success. Colleagues and bosses will be supportive and teamwork will be useful. When Jupiter later moves to your 11th House, you can expect things to get even better in all spheres of life. Saturn, that is in your 4th House will make you focus on your personal and domestic life. Retirement, climax, finalities are a possibility, and so are delays and challenges. Don’t neglect yourself amidst all the chaos.