Goats are going to be ruled by two things in 2011 – home and heart. Besides being your usual rational self, you will also be homely and full of love. Relations with parents and elders foster; you may care about their health too. Jupiter in your 4th House will ensure your heart is where your home is! Yet, professionally too the year is going to be demanding. Survival of the fittest. Saturn in 10th House ensures that tremendous hard work and pressure to survive the neck tight competition comes your way. But rest assured, your status and prestige are likely to touch newer heights. Yet, remember to measure your steps, actions and even thoughts. Too many expectations that need fulfilling may take a toll on your health, though. Jupiter in 5th House later in the year will mean goodies of life, love, imagination, hobbies and entertainment. Travel and long journeys are a probability. Let your heart and intuition rule over your analysis sometimes! And, remain humble, sweet and positive, whenever you can.