2011 looks to be a lovey-dovey year for ‘Twins’! Jupiter, the Jovial Jove shall be in your 11th House of love, entertainment, children and pleasure, from January 23 to June 3, 2011. No wonder then that you will literally be pushed into the ‘arms of love’, enthusiasm will surge; so will the good luck and socialising. Other things that will delight you during the year are new friendships, favours, promotions, good news and even a wish-fulfilment. Later, when Jupiter moves to your 12th House, your faith in God and spirituality increases. Also, remain ready for some not-so-pleasant results of this placement, which includes enemies, secret affairs, expenses. Saturn in your 5th House will also yield mixed results like creativity, marriage or even separation. Minor planets too will do their bit by giving you confidence, popularity, hope, spiritual strength and inventiveness. Funds and finances too will shape up nicely.