Love and relationships seem to be the buzzword for you during 2011; place them rightly and the rest shall fall in place. Jupiter in your 7th House will make you forceful – utilise the power carefully; don’t forgo understanding and pliability at any time. Whether it’s with your spouse, business partner or sweetheart, you’ll have both highs and lows. At times when you feel lonely, scared – introspection and self-reflection will rescue you. Saturn in your sign indicates that the more you unravel your own self, more successful and calmer you will become. Chances of disappointments and delays can be allayed by being spiritual and charitable. Meditation, chanting of mantras, praying to Lord Hanuman and yoga can be great healers, use them to your advantage. Jupiter in your 8th House from June onwards will give you vigour, good health, balance and phenomenal growth in your career. Relationships and harmony, balance and beauty are the ingredients for a peaceful life. Amidst this period of changes, be sure to stay positive and committed to your goals.