Fishes will be enjoying a mixed platter when it comes to 2011. The four Fs are going to be their support system food, finance, family and fun! socializing, friends, partying keeps you happy. Your stars are so powerful that don’t get surprised if you trip over a treasure-box or hit a jackpot. Stars in the first six months of the year indicate buying, selling, leasing and income augmentation. Jupiter in your 2nd House will make sure gain of wealth, and later when it moves to your 3rd House Communications will become very crucial. Material resources shall lead to comfort and pleasure. However, matters related to tax, legacy, property or other legal issues may get troublesome during mid-year. Beware, of expressing yourself freely on social media. Take good care of yourself towards the end of the year. Saturn in your 8th House may mean some problems. Take care! All in all, a wonderful and adventurous year ahead of you you, yet do remember that too much risk is injurious to health.