Two areas, as always, guide your life – health and love. 2011 is all about managing relationships and maintaining health to make your life worthwhile. Professionally, the year looks great with promotions lined up. If recession has spoilt your career, it’s time to cheer up as you may now bag your dream job. Jupiter in your 6th House will ensure that you have your hands full with work related to finances, relationships with subordinates, colleagues and taxes, funds and loans. Health needs careful consideration, though. Besides adequate exercise, try to be optimistic and maintain a sunny disposition. Travel, business and pilgrimages shall keep you occupied during the year; expenses may mount. Make sure you keep your valuables in a safe vault. Be flexible, accept change; no one’s perfect, neither I, nor you. Jupiter moves to your 7th House later in the year, making you lovey-dovey again. 7th House refers to bonds like marriage and also to public relations, crowds and audience.