It’s time to clink the glasses! 2011 is a lot about money with Jupiter, the mighty planet in your 8th House of funds and finances. Your income sources may increase, and there are also chances of inheritance or windfall. The year ahead invites name, fame and is about rights, rituals, journey, pilgrimages et. al. Jupiter transit (from January to June) strongly indicates your inclination towards religious practices and spirituality. And, if you feel disturbed, studying occult can yield benefits. At work, you may have to face severe competition from your rivals. Saturn in 2nd House indicates deception, money issues, fights and even gains from close relations. Ganesha flashes a red signal for health minor trips or accidents are on cards; be careful. Stomach, eyes, mouth and throat will be sensitive – follow the adage ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ When Jupiter moves to your 9th House later, you’ll see your education, fame and relationships improving. Enjoy the highs and the lows with equal fervour!