More than 2500 years ago, a young man meditated on life and death and found enlightenment. That man was Siddhartha Gautam whom we know as The Buddha. Buddha, in his first sermon after enlightenment laid out the Noble Eightfold Path, also known as the Middle Path, as the way leading to the cessation of suffering. Buddha preached commitment to a nonviolent way of life. A commitment that included a profound concern for the welfare of all. Buddha abhorred dogma and ritual, inequity and injustice. He preached the gospel of love and compassion and encouraged people to follow the path of righteousness, benevolence and humanism.

India Post has celebrated the heritage of Buddha by issue of a number of postage stamps on his legacy from time to time. India Post 2011 Calendar is inspired by these postage stamps and includes images drawn from the vast trove of Buddhist art and culture.

The ‘India Post 2011 Calendar’ is available in the philatelic bureaux at all state capitals across the country for sale at the price of Rs.200/-.