Sexual coupling is remorse and without guilt in youngsters today with an urge to act sexually at any instance very quickly even within very short time frame at first meeting is the current sexual affairs in India as per TOI lifestyle article which says
“There are no more taboos in today’s coupling. The other’s wife, husband; boyfriend; girlfriend; father; mother; daughter; son, everyone’s a potential partner and if the setting and the alcohol’s right at the party, you can expect more that just the harmless flirt to hit on you. With regard to public display of private emotions, it’s moral policing that brings about the check rather than any socio-cultural signposts. Society today accepts kissing and necking in public (and a lot more at rave parties in Mangalore), so forgive me if holding hands doesn’t send a thrill up and down your spine and increase your heartrate 10-fold”

This article further suggest abstinence as a solution for the lack of pleasurable sexual interactions. To rejuvenate your nerves before your next coupling. This suits the current condition in Sri Lanka too. “Sex at first sight” replaced “love at first sight”