I believe polyuria and un-quenched thirst for water  are symptoms of  Type  ii Diabetes. I have no reason to develop sudden Diabetic symptoms except the use of  highly potent topical steroids for my psoriatic condition which is now releaved much more with compared to pre-treatment with oils and moisturizer.

I was wondering why  feeling so hungry compared to pre-treatment period and this nasty numbness  in my body.  I suddenly realised I am developing acute diabetics symptoms due to excessive use of topical steroids, and decided to go for a  cardio session with friends. We tried brisk walk which I remembered once upon a time reading in Reader’s Digest will help reduce the glucose level faster than any other cardio. It was an awesome session with lots of fun and laughter. Brisk walk indeed a quick healer to the body and the better part is it frees one’s mind from worries and refreshes the brain  with compared to jogging  and running one’s mind wander all over the places and at times worries might burst out.