Presenting m.Paani at Hult Global Case Challenge 2011 final, in New York. Won the Challenge, overcoming more than 1000 teams from top universities globally, and honoured by former President Bill Clinton.— with Akanksha Hazari

 Hult Global Case Challenge, championship challenges among top-class MBA students all over the world to match for an award-winning business model for social improvising created a storm of knowledge to flow towards bottom up model in engaging solutions to social issues for which conventional NGO’s were providing donations. 

Re-inventing NGO’s in this manner accelerates the solution to eradicate the existing problem from a bottom-up view point and catalyzes Investment based solution to eradicate problems rather than charity based solutions to tackle it temporarily.

” Through our platform, we are able to tap into business minded students, who traditionally would have never considered a career in “conventional” social work. After spending roughly three months entrenched within the challenge of developing solutions to critical social issues, these students become intimate with the sector. By competing, students gain an experience which is invaluable and by the time they finish, they become hooked to the notion of developing business that can both be profitable and help the impoverish. ” says founder director of  Hult Global Case Challenge Ahamad Ashkar.

This challenge is a beautiful example of a real-life trend setter in the global arena of problem solving.