everyone starting strangling Sri Lanka. The government is not giving up its stance of aggressiveness even an inch. It is all over now. Lets us start by accepting our mistakes and compensating the people who suffered the most.

Children without parents/single parent. Sisters without brothers. Parents without children. Wives without husband, Husbands without wives, Grand parents without their kin and above all lost their life long earnings to the brutal war. I haven’t forgotten Sri Lankans from down south also gave their lives but nearly all of them were in Defence forces (of course they are too loved ones of their family and friends ) who were willing to die for a cause. These innocent people neither was willing to die nor had a cause other than survival.

I am furious about Colombo. Drinking, f**king and partying and forgetting all the side effects they have inflicted in their act of uniting the country.  LTTE leadership is now over. No-one will dare to start something like that again. Please let remaining people prosper and start their life with new hopes. They have no-one now to look for but for the shades of Sri Lankan government. If you neglect them now you neglect you are neglecting your soul. If KP and Karuna can be forgiven why not the innocent Tamil people of North.

Sri Lanka’s shameful record on detention without trial | Amnesty International.