Women in every society is considered as an asset to that society but mostly in a wrong way of perspective. They are considered as caretakers without a wage and a rest, considered as sex slaves, considered as obedient never questioning subordinates, and worst as prostitutes. It is not local to any city or country. It is a localized global problem.

Grievances of global women is yet to be heard in most part of the world. Their shouting is not beaing listened. Their horrific lives never been noticed. Isn’t it not astonishing to know that 70 percent of global poor are women. i.e 910 million? Isn’t it not worrying to know that in 800,000 people who are trafficked across borders 80 percent are women and among them 50 percent are underage girls? Isn’t it pathetic to know that every minute a woman is dead due to the complications arise in prregnacy, abortion and child birth? Isn’t it a cruelity to own 98% of the land by men in developing world? Isn’t it heart melting to know that 72% of the global refugees are women and children? If you yes for atleast one single time you are suitable to read below.

There are more and more dreadful situations women are facing in day today life in this world. Six out of every ten women is either beaten or coerced to sex or abused in her course of life time by none other than her intimate partner. One in every women you face has been a victim of either a rape or attempted rape in her rlifetime. Every woman has undergone through sexual harrassment atleast once in her life time. The women who cannot negotiate safe sex or to refuse unwanted sex are more prone to HIV/AIDS than other women.

Though the world is highly technocratic heavily networked and interconnected the fate of women has never changed. The cos of violence against women in US alone accounts for loss of 5.8 billion USD per year and the amount is 1.17 billion USD in Canada.

The problem is big. What are the solutions? Comment your views about Education and Women Empowerment.