Here are few words from Bharatharatna awardee Sir . Dr. Abdul Kalam.

He quotes from an ancient Tamil poem belong to sanga kaalam. (that is more than five thousand years ago).

A Tamil Poem says

“Peace should start within a person. If the individuals are at peace then the family is at peace. If the Families are at peace then the Street is at peace. It continues from street to village, from village to a country, If all the countries are at peace then the whole world is at peace.”

Hence for the peace to prevail in our fragile earth peace should start within every single individual.

If an individual want peace he/she should bring down the vibrations of his/her brain waves to alpha frequency from the ever wandering gamma frequency.

To bring down these brain waves frequency to alpha, religions provide us various methodologies.

In Hinduism we have deep meditation techniques. Great sages have taught us many ways to calm and sooth our minds. For instance Paraprammam Sri Krishna taught us Kriya Yoga in Bagawatgita. Great guru Gautama Buddha taught Mindful Meditation. Great guru Sankaracharya taught the ekatva tatvam.

Prophet Mohammed taught the Arabs to live in peace through various techniques in Islam.

The world starts from each individual. Be peaceful and spread the love.

Happy world peace day.