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MB0046 : Explain the following: a) Product mix dimensions b) Product line strategies.
Answer: – Product mix dimensions:-

The number of product lines and items offered by marketer to the consumers.

A company’s product mix has four different dimensions. They are product mix width, product mix length, and product mix depth and product mix consistency.

  1. Product mix width: The total number of product lines that company offers to the consumers.
  2. Product mix length: The total number of items that company carries within its product line.
  3. Product line depth: The number of versions offered of each product in the line.
  4. Product mix consistency: If company’s product lines usage, production and marketing are related, then product mix is consistent, else it is unrelated.

          Product Line Strategies

Product line: The group of related products which uses same marketing efforts to reach the consumer.

The product line identifies profitable and unprofitable products and…

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